Epcot’s Storm

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The 4th of July is busy at Disney, especially at Epcot. Epcot has its own set of fireworks that get pretty popular around that time of year. It didn’t work out so well on this 4th of July, thanks to the ultimate enemy: weather. Let this blog post be a cautionary tale of not checking the weather before you head out to an event.

It was pretty dark, about an hour until the fireworks would start. More people should have seen it coming. Despite the predicted 30% chance of light rain (thanks, weather.com) it was obvious it was going to storm. Rolling black clouds, strong wind, and thunder booming in the background were all obvious indicators. It came as a surprise more people didn’t retreat inside the store, but instead stayed out in hope of seeing the fireworks. Thanks to this, once the rain started, it was a complete fiasco.

Most people had a poncho, others had umbrellas, and there were few that had neither. People rushed to get under a ledge or in the nearby store once the rain picked up, and the store filled quickly. People were packed like sardines near the entrances, even though they were hardly covered, trying to push to get into the store. Outside there was a desperate cast member, completely soaked with a cart of boxes. She tried to clear a path, saying the entrances needed to be open for safety reasons, but she was completely ignored.

One man seemed pleased. He had nothing to protect him from the rain, but he was smiling, doing a little dance, and actually seemed to enjoy himself. He was the only one of his kind. I was waiting for someone to start humming “Singing in the Rain”, or a kid to splash in some puddles, but it never happened. Everyone seemed upset, huddled under their chosen shelter, or both.

Perhaps if people had given up their hope of fireworks and retreated back near the monorail sooner, the situation might have been avoided. But it’s nigh impossible to convince someone to give up fireworks on the 4th of July. So be warned: Epcot is a great place to watch fireworks on special occasions, truly magical and all that, but it doesn’t handle rain well.

Our family stayed briefly but gave up, realizing that we couldn’t wait it out. Shoes were ruined, but it was in all a sort of fun experience for me. The rain is very soothing and a little cold. But in my opinion, in Orlando summer, we could use a little cold.


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