High School: Homework

Homework can be tough and often overwhelming. Here are a few tips!

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Homework can be tough and often overwhelming. Here I give a few tips for high school students who need help with homework. If you know someone who could use some help, tell them about these tips!

  1. In the majority of cases, you’ll want to finish your assignments.

If a class assigns homework, 99% of the time it needs to be completed. In most cases, homework is worth a participation grade of some kind. If you can do well on your homework, it alleviates pressure on doing well in testing. Just doing homework can really bump a GPA. Believe me when I say homework is well worth the points. But if it turns out the homework isn’t worth points, then perhaps you don’t need to do it. If the homework you are considering is not worth any points and will not prepare you for the test, don’t do it. If it’s test prep homework, I would recommend it as a study tool.

In short: you usually need to do homework, especially if it’s worth points.

2. If you have a lot to do, sort out your priorities.

Some nights there’ll be no homework, and other nights every single teacher handed out five worksheets. If you’re overloaded with work, don’t panic. Quickly sort out which assignments you need to finish by point value and due date. Expect to get them all done, but do the ones due tomorrow first. Also, consider point value and the repercussions for not finishing the assignments. There’s no need to spend an exorbitant amount of time choosing which assignments to do first, but if you truly limited in time make sure you complete the important things. Then you can create a to-do list and efficiently finish everything you need to.

In short: prioritizing your assignments can help you get the most important homework finished and organize the most hectic of nights.

3. Avoid turning in assignments late. 

If there’s one thing that angers teachers, it tends to be turning in assignments late. Often, they will not be accepted or will be subject to point deductions. Even if just a few points are taken away from an assignment it can put a dip in your grade. And remember what I said about angering teachers? That’s something you don’t want to do. Repeatedly turning your assignments in late will brand you as irresponsible, so teachers may not be so forgiving if you do something else wrong, like arrive late for school. Turning in assignments on time will help polish your reputation as well as keep your grade nice and high. If a teacher doesn’t make clear their policies on late assignments, you don’t want to be the one to find out.

In short: it’s a good idea to turn in your assignments on time.

4. If you can, do your homework in little gaps of time and in other classes. 

This is a great way to get your homework done. There are little gaps of time between activities in the car and between classes that function as a great way to finish the homework. Can you finish a worksheet during dinner? Before your parents pick you up, can you work on something? Filling in all these gaps usually just spent waiting can really help you finish things.

I would be careful using this strategy, but you can actually do some of your other homework in a different class. You’re going to want to be careful and tailor this strategy to the teacher and the class. If you have trouble in English, pay attention in English. But if you’re great at English and the teacher is lax, it wouldn’t hurt to finish up some math in that class. Note that some teachers are very particular about this and you’ll have to watch out for that. I don’t like to state the obvious, but if you have work time, use it! It’s better to finish your homework now that have to do it later.

In short: to get homework done, use extra time wisely.

5. Cheating is a bad idea. 

I’ve been asked to take an analytical look at whether or not it’s a good idea to cheat. Ethically, of course, cheating is wrong. But I would have a hard time advising it even factoring out ethics and morals. If you get caught, the consequences are terrible. Your teacher will probably hate you and you’ll have likely gotten a zero on the assignment or test.  That’s an awful risk to take and many teachers are smart enough to tell if you’ve cheated. Whatever the situation, the benefits likely aren’t high enough to match the risks, even if you’re a skilled cheater. If you do decide to cheat, watch out for plagiarism checkers and the like which have become popular recently. Also consider that if you need to cheat to finish a worksheet, you’re probably haven’t studied enough to score well on any upcoming tests.

In short: Beware cheating!


That’s all I have to say about homework. Next week’s post will be more focused on study tips for tests. Good luck with your homework! 🙂

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