Caught in a Storm

A documentation of my experience during a tornado warning.

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Okay, everybody! This is being saved offline, so who knows if this will survive! I’m currently documenting my experience during a huge storm. There’s a tornado warning right now. It’s Flag Day, 2017, and the just power went out. We’re in the basement, and we heard some tornado sirens during the worst of it but it seems to be calming down. We’re also eating dumpling soup by candlelight. The dumpling soup is great- Mom made it before the power went out, so it’s still warm. The worst of the storm seems to be over so now we’re going back upstairs. I hear thunder, it’s pouring outside, a bunch of the heavy furniture was swept really far away (that’s when Mom realized we should probably go to the basement), and my tomato plant, which was right next to the house, was flipped onto its side. We still have some wind, but it was terribly windy before. The wind blew really fast, it looked like a tornado or hurricane (to me, at least) and the tall trees were bending over really far before we went in the basement. We just came upstairs, it seems safe now.

I’m going to keep this by me in case anything exciting happens. A few seconds ago, there was a huge boom of thunder. Mom just found a bunch of scented candles and they smell great. Everyone is still eating soup and crackers. Things I forgot to mention: our ice cream could be melting right now because our freezer isn’t working, and and the tornado sirens went off a little bit after we were in the basement. Dad doesn’t seem to like the soup, so he’s eating cereal instead. Mom and Dad are both a little grumpy since the power’s out even though the storm has mostly passed.

Mom’s lighting more candles, and my sister found some gummies. We’re both eating gummies now. I’m also studying for my Lab Science test tomorrow. I’m totally going to get an A on that. [Update: I did!] Also, I’m suddenly understanding the appeal of candlelight. Try it yourself! Turn off all the lights in your house on a rainy summer day and light candles instead! (Scented preferred)

I’m now drinking semi-cold A&W root beer. I hold these truths to be self-evident, that not all sodas are created equal… root beer is the best. A&W is the best of all the root beers, except for whatever brand Culver’s has. Culver’s has the ultimate root beer.

In our yard, the top of a dead tree came off, the furniture was swept aside, and a branch fell on the stone steps up to the firepit. I’m going to close the computer because Mom wants me to close it, and also to conserve battery. Goodbye, for now, everybody!

Thunder rumbled in the distance…

Okay, I was going to write a very exaggerated story on what’s going on outside, but Olivia’s being very annoying with her fidget spinner! It makes this whirring sound and I’ve decided to go downstairs and sit on the couch. Mom is supremely annoyed with the power company, because our power is out, and it’s been about two hours. I’m going to start documenting the time now. It’s 5:26 PM.

Mom just called me upstairs. I went upstairs, and the smell of fresh scented candles hit my nose immediately. It’s fantastic! I have a new appreciation for scented candles. Mom just wanted to know if a certain worksheet for Lab Science was due- it isn’t, so I’m going to ask Olivia if she wants to play a board game or something. I feel I should give her a few minutes because she was upset with me a few minutes ago for snapping at her about her fidget spinner. It is 5:31.

Olivia has agreed to play War (the card game) with me! Hooray! She’s getting the cards right now and we’re in the basement preparing for a game. 5:38.

Olivia’s counting and handing out the cards.  Ow, I just stubbed my toe on one of Mom’s weights, but not that hard. It isn’t all that dark, and we can see, but I somehow stubbed my toe anyways. The basement is actually rather bright, as the light outside (it’s still daytime, even though it’s rainy) is filtering in the windows. Olivia and I are playing War, at 5:42.

Olivia and I finished playing war (nobody actually won, war takes days to ‘finish’ so we just ending the game when we got bored), and it’s 6:15. The storm is over, and the rain has stopped. The internet is still down, and the power is still out. It smells wonderful outside after the rainstorm. Nothing is too damaged outside, as far as I know, although one of the neighbor’s trees was downed.

It’s 7:02 and the power is still out. We just went outside- it’s beautiful outside- but we still can’t have ice cream because the power’s out. It’s probably…

The power just flickered on as I was writing that! It’s 7:04, and finally, the power has returned! Yay! Ice cream! The internet has turned back on. Autocorrect is back as well! Apparently, I spelled lantern wrong (I just fixed it) and this is being saved in my drive right now!

Also: It turns out none of our ice cream melted because all the cold air was trapped in the freezer because no one opened it. It tastes fantastic! And, finishing at 7:17 with chocolate ice cream in hand, I have officially survived the storm.

Addition: I created this as the storm was happening, and decided to post it. I am very conflicted over whether to make the featured image ice cream or storm clouds.

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