High School Approaches

I’m going to high school soon… and I’ve decided to share my thoughts.

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I believe it’s time we all prepared for the incoming apocalypse. You know of its existence, but you may know it under the more common name of “high school.” I know that summer is almost already here, but I am taking a high school course (known as Lab Science) over the summer and have found it necessary to prepare early.


Step One: Prepare necessary materials.
If you’re going to survive, you’ll want a notebook, loose leaf, a calculator, a three-ring binder, and an unlimited supply of pens and pencils. The supply of pencils must be unlimited. Otherwise, you will inevitably run out and then you’ll have to awkwardly ask other people for a pencil. This crisis can be prevented.

Step Two: Read the Course Syllabus and Grading Scale.
You’re going to want to do well in your classes, so it’s good to see what you’ll be doing in the class. You’ll also want to keep a close eye on your grades when it comes time to start the course, so familiarize yourself with any websites that let you see them.

Step Three: The First Day.
On the first day of class, get to know your classmates, especially in a science course where you may have Lab partners. Be especially nice to the teacher, and try not to get in trouble or do anything irresponsible. Being responsible & nice in the first few days of the class will help everybody form a positive opinion of you.

Step Four: Homework.
Finishing your homework is going to be a necessary part of surviving this apocalypse. You’re going to want to finish your homework and do it well. If you have catastrophic  flooding  drought  earthquakes  amounts of homework than I would recommend you do an hour of studying/homework, then take a ten-minute break. This takes some discipline, but I have faith in you!

Step Five: Tests
Tests are the most crucial piece of getting through high school. You really should study even if you think you know the material. As with homework, I would advise an hour of studying and a ten-minute break.

Step Six: Complete the Course. You’ve done all you can to prepare, and you should be able to succeed. If you’re having trouble, look online for tutorials or ask for extra credit.

I am indeed taking a class over the summer, of which I have already followed the first two steps. The third step I’ll begin on this coming Monday, which marks the beginning of the class.

Thanks for reading- and if the apocalypse is coming for you or someone you know, be sure to prepare!

I’m actually a little nervous about the upcoming class. It seems like it will be a lot of work, and it’s four hours every day for three weeks. Despite this, I believe I will do well and can’t wait for it to start.

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